Psychiatric Assessment & Medication Management

Medication can be an important part of improving one's mental health. I  often think of medication as making the ground you stand on more solid. Medication alone does not resolve most problems, but rather allows you to more fully receive benefit from other means of recovery, such as therapy, meditation, or exercise. If you have an existing therapist, I am happy to provide medication services alone.


My use of medications is evidence-based, with an emphasis on reducing risk and harm. I only prescribe medication when appropriate.

​Intake appointments are one hour, ensuring time to understand your history and treatment goals. Follow-up appointments are shorter and frequency is tailored to your individual needs.

Areas of Expertise

Food as Medicine

Food and gut health directly impact many mental health symptoms. I work with people to identify dietary changes that can help improve issues with depression, anxiety, and focus. I do not treat weight loss, nor specialize in eating disorders, but I am a strong advocate for the holistic benefits of proper nutrition.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

I provide care to people navigating the complexities of conception, pregnancy, and birth. This includes perinatal management of mental health issues, loss of pregnancy, and difficulties adjusting to parenthood. 

Trauma & PTSD

I provide medication support to survivors of trauma who find their symptoms are not adequately managed by therapy alone. I require that clients be engaged in trauma-focused therapy. If you do not have a trauma therapist, I can help you find one. Please note I do not provide trauma therapy myself. 


Marisa Bell, PMHNP